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Radio Show Call for Justice

 Tonight I had the priveledge of being invited to particapate in the radio show "Call for Justice"  Hosted by Melissa Lewkowicz and Dorit Reichtental. We discussed the importance of organzining your important documents and papers.  The key to staying away from trouble with the law and legal ramifications is to have all your documents in order and safely stored.  As an organizer I know the importance of how and why to store items such as your drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, property information that you own such as your car and house.  DMV, pink slips, grant deed to your home and other property that you own.  Investments that you are involved with,  all of these documents are important to have in one place or in a special place and designate a family member or a responisble person to be in charge for power of attoney or enable them to have access in case of an emergency.We live in such unpreditable time where things can happen in a blink of an eye.  Y